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We offer Flowcine Black Arm - Camera Anti Vibration Mount on rental basis to filmmakers & cinematographers
(3-axis dampening system for vertical motion and vibrations)


The Black arm is a hardmount gripping system made for gimbals.
It is a 3-axis dampening system with a additional vibration isolator mount to stabilize vertical motion movement and to avoid more stress on roll and tilt motors of the gimbal(Can be used with Freefly Movi Pro and DJI Ronin). Combination of Flowcine Black Arm and Gimbal is perfect solution for filmmakers and media professionals to shoot a chase action sequence although as a follow shot for music video or a TV commercial when camera need to be mounted on vehicles such as cars, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles etc.

FLowCine Black Arm is specially made actuator hydraulic dampers that are fully adjustable with a turn of a knob in 22 different damping forces and with the complete traditional Anti-Vibration Mount. The system is fully flexible for the best possible damping and lifting capacity which takes rigs between 5-32 kg (11-70.5lbs)
Grip the car or truck and mount the Black Arm with any Remote Head or Gimbal(FFS Movi Pro and DJI Ronin) to get a stable moving camera platform.
There are two types of Anti vibration mounts the original Wire AVM and the new Tranquilizer.

Stabilize your movement by renting flowcine black arm for your next production. Please contact our team for availability, mounting options & affordable camera car solutions.

P.S. We don't recoomend this dampening system for Freefly Movi XL. Check the Dual Black which is specifically designed for that gimbal.

Please let us know what all gears will be required along with Black Arm i.e. Movi Pro Gimbal, DJI Ronin 2, Ready-Rig GS with Pro arms, Gimbal Professional Operators, Various Controllers for dual operation etc
For Rental Bookings price or to discuss your technical requirements please contact our team.
You can also keep in touch if you need to buy/sell used Equipments.
We offer special discounts for shooting more than 30 days.

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