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We offer DJI Ronin-2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilization System

on rental basis to filmmakers
(Suitable for heavier camera package payloads)

DJI Global's newly designed Ronin 2 gimbal stabilizer has almost every feature of the Freefly Movi Pro and with its monster high torque motors it has the potential to carry payload capacity upto 30 pounds.
With its powerful motors & carbon fiber plus metal design comparatively R2 gimbal weight is around 4kgs heaivier [weighs approximately 12.1 lbs 6.4 kgs with the handle] but it has amazing performance while rigging even at the speed of 75 mph. It supports mounting modes such as handheld, car-mount, cablecam, drone, steadicam, aerial, jimmyjib etc. DJI has improved alot after from first generation ronin to ronin mx and now R2, whether its stabilization algorithm or GPS integration.
It has 3 modes available i.e. Upright aka Upside-down, Tripod aka Underslung for low angle shots & rigging and briefcase mode to achieve your dream steady shot. It has integrated touchscreen for adjustments and settings one can also configure with highly versatile DJI Assistant App.

This motorized stabilization system is suitable for cinema cameras like Arri Alexa Mini, RED Scarlet-W Dragon, Red Epic-W Helium Gemini, Sony FS7 & FS5, Blackmagic ursa mini pro & 4k cameras, Sony Venice, Canon C300 ii. Along with the block Cine Lenses like Ultra Prime, Master Prime, Cooke Anamorphics, Leica Summicron Summilux, Ronin2 has the potential to balance larger cinema zoom lenses such as Canon CN-E zooms, Angenieux Optimo short zooms, Fujinon zooms and more.

Key Features:
Solid built
Monster motors for heavier camera payloads
Boosted payload capacity upto 30 pounds
Dual hot swappable Intelligent batteries
3 Modes available underslung, upside-down and briefcase
Integrated touchscreen for adjustments and settings


Please let us know what all things from below you need in rental kit setup to be included in Gimbal Package.
Ronin 2 Gimbal
Ronin 2 Grip Handle
Ronin 2 Remote Controller
TB50 Intelligent Battery
Dual TB50 Battery Mount
R2 Battery Charger
Ronin 2 Power Hub
Quad Charging Hub
R2 Camera Top Cross Bar
R2 Camera Base Plate
Accessory Mount 115mm Rod
15mm Focus Rod Mount
Dji Ronin 2 Counterweight Set
Ronin 2 Universal Mount
Top Mounting Block
MotionBlock (when shooting at high-speeds for improved gimbal performance)
ARRI Alexa Mini Power Cable
ARRI Alexa Mini Start/Stop Cable
RED Power Cable
RED RCP Control Cable
Ronin 2 Power Cable
DC Power Cable
SDI Cables
Multi P-TAP Breakout Box
USB Type-C Data Cable
CineMilled Upper Tilt Arm Extensions for Ronin2
CineMilled Universal Mount for DJI Ronin2
The Black Arm by Flowcine Dampening System Made For Gimbals
Accessories Package (Screws and Hex Keys)
Return Cable Tie

We also provide Ready-Rig GS with Pro arms, Ronin Professional Operators, DJI Master Wheels Controller & DJI Force pro for dual operation.
For Rental Bookings price or to discuss your technical requirements please contact our team.
You can also keep in touch if you need to buy/sell used DJI Ronin Gimbal.
We offer special discounts for shooting more than 30 days.

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