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Hire Ready Rig GS Gimbal Support Stabilizer + ProArm Kit.

Ready Rig GS Gimbal Stabilizer with ProArm Kit allows to comfortably hold the Gimbal (Freefly Movi/ DJI Ronin 2) for extended period of time at high or low angles shots, this equipment basically renders a solution for long-form shooting and event filming, reduces the strain on operator's back and also reduces the bounce motion sometimes seen during handheld gimbal shots.


It is a vertical axis stabiliser commonly used to full sized gimbals, gimbals get heavy especially when you have an alexa or a red with a full size cinema lens.
It is compatible with most gimbals on the market including the movi pros the ronin models etc. The ready rig transfers the weight of the camera package away from your arms shoulders and back. It then redistributes the load to your legs and your core so that one can operate for longer period of the time with less fatigue. We first bought the base model of Ready Rig GS, we have used it with the movi pro gimbal along-with cameras like C300 all the way up to Alexa mini with heavy cinema lenses it is a more than capable rig and supports upto 30 pounds but there is another i.e. Ready Rig GS ProArm upgrade Kit which increases the payload from 30 pounds to 40 pounds with heavy camera setups. Recently we were shooting a TV Commercial in filmcity goregaon mumbai having the extra stability on the rig really helps, the nice thing about the pro arms upgrade is that you can extend the arms out further than on the GS. Which gives you bit more flexibility in the setup and it also may be more comfortable for certain gimbal setups. The Pro arms have telescoping rods which provides 24inch to 37 inch boom range.

Ready Rig GS
(2) ProArm Shoulder Mount
(2) ProArm Extendable Carbon Fibre Rod
(2) Rear Tension Cable
(2) Universal Gimbal Attachment
(2) Bungee-Mount Knob
(2) Rear Set-Knob
(2) Shoulder Mount Knob
Travel bag

Load Capacity:  Up to 40 lbs (18kgs)
Telescoping Arm:  23" to 27"
Boom Range:  55"
Belt Size: 28" to 44"

If you have any questions regarding the setup or would like to rent feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.

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