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We offer Freefly MoVI Wheels Controller on rental basis to filmmakers.


The Movi Wheels is to address the key needs of camera operators and allow them to reliably execute their creative vision using the movi ecosystem. The setup is flexible so inventive cinematographer or technician can configure the system and make it simple and quick to build the dream shot.
The base configuration is of two axis system designed to control pan and tilt, users can easily add a third acess to control roll in command 360 degree unrestricted moves. With quick release adjustable mounting system it becomes easy and quick for operators to customize. Freefly Movi Wheels can be used with movi controller for the ultimate end control or with the mimic for a more compact setup.

Movi Wheels uses a high-resolution magnetic encoder for maximum reliability precision and repeatability. The wheels are precisional balanced and are made with stainless steel of solid brass to allow users to fine-tune the field. It has integrated an adjustble friction lock that allows the operator to vary the wheel friction from zero to fully locked which is super helpful for times when you absolutely do not want the wheel to move. When switched to wheels mode the system optimize the tuning in the movi for controlling to give the most direct precise and repeatable control. With this there is no delay in the system so that every tiny move yoou make is reflected in the camera. It can also be combined with existing cinema robots like technocrane or the bolt (motion control cinebot rig) with movi wheels for an unmatched level of control and precision.


If you have any questions regarding the setup or would like to rent feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.

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For rental bookings or to discuss your technical requirements please contact our team.
You can also keep in touch if you need to buy/sell used Equipment.
We offer special discounts for shooting more than 30 days.

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