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We offer Easy-Rig Vario 5 with Extended Arm on rental basis to filmmakers.


Easy-Rig Vario 5 makes camera operation super quick and simple. It's cool because it can support a range of 5 to 17 kgs (11-38 lbs), which is adjustable from allen key that slot into back of the vest. Weight adjustment into the back of vest is super important so you're not fighting the Easyrig Vario 5 and you're able to change the camera height really quickly without sweat. We have got the gimbalrig vest rather than cinema vest because it's a little bit more comfortable and gives alot of support. A lot of people have question that how the eazy-rig stabilizes footage but it actually doesn't. Easyrig Vario 5 was designed to take the load off from the shoulders and back and onto the hips and legs since the camera is being supported by the hips any lateral movement will directly transfer into the line that the camera is carrying. Camera operator can obviously use the aggressive handheld look for creative reasons but it is much harder maintaining a steady-shot while moving the serene arm combats this by eliminating excess motion on the vertical axis, making it much easier to use while walking or operating with a gimbal like DJI Ronin 2 or Freefly Movi Pro. Rig can get pretty hefty depending on the setup and no matter how comfortable it is with shoulder-pad but still ample of kilos are being lifted by camera opertor's shoulder for hours at a time.

We recently did one hindi feature film in pune (India) with the easy-rig & freefly movi pro m15 gimbal. We noticed that energy levels of the DOP were so much higher than previous project our team had worked together. Our gimbal batteries used to give-up after few hours but DOP used to be fully charged up with his energy levels.
Easy-Rig Vario 5 makes camera operating more comfortable & camera operator is able to end entire shoot days without being totally physically exhausted, trashed and strained. It allows for new exploration with camera operating itself. We never really see handheld movement from the hip level, unless you're on your knees which obviously limits your mobility. Depending on what you're shooting is sometimes the action isn't at eye level, sometimes its down at the hip. This is particularly helpful for filming people that are sitting or doing alot of work with there hands and being able to quickly adjust the camera height to the same level that the action is, it adds completely different dynamic rather than just tilting down, it is also helpful to add alot more depth to your frame since your background is generally much farther then the ground.


We definitely recommend checking it out, the biggest reason is why DOP / Cinematographers love the easy-rig is how comfortable camera operating becomes. We are also planning to upgrade it to new Easyrig stabil.

If you have any questions regarding the setup or would like to rent feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.

Category: Accessories for Gimbals, Camera Rig & Grips, Camera Rig for Red & Alexa Mini

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