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We offer DJI Master Wheels on rental basis to professional filmmakers


DJI Master Wheels are an advance wheel controller developed for professional cinematography. It uses high precision sensors and advance control algorithms to deliver exact smooth camera positioning required on film set for precision camera operation which means nothing less than the finest command over the shot. It offers classic control and reimagined components which provide sturdy operations. DJI Master Wheels is a very unique camera equipment which feels better for the control that camera operator have over a gimbal. There are three high-precision weighted Wheels made of stainless steel that allows you to control the pan, tilt and roll of the gimbal. Each wheel having its own motion control with high-resolution optical encoders to transmit even a subtle real movements to the gimbal.

The informative main control console includes three customisable buttons that enables quick adjustments and settings. A three stop toggle controls combines each real module, controls gimbal direction with the help of dials to tune the speed, smoothness and sensitivity / damping on the fly and there are plenty of customizable buttons on the control module as well and input and outputs.


DJI Master Wheels has modular designs which means operator can adjust the angel between Wheels or completely detach them from the base with the cable connection so the Wheels controller camera equipment can be used wherever and however the operator needs. It has dual band signal wireless transmission system which supports upto range of 3kms or 1.9 miles this offers super low latency as short as 10 milliseconds for precise camera control and the design of the transmitter is modular so it can come-off. Infact everything is this professional level equipment is modular which is interesting, finally something is very interesting is operator can record a certain set of movements using the Wheels and then replay that exact motion as many times as required. So when shooting with DJI Master Wheels would allow you to take multiple takes with the press of a button having the Gimbal And Master Wheels basically to do all of the work for you. In bollywood and tollywood film industry operators love using it when it comes for dutch roll or Z-axis or 360 rotation shot to be taken whether for action sequel or music video. This cinema shooting equipment is powered by DJI TB50 battery the same battery used in the DJI Inspire 2 series, which delivers upto 18hours of battery life which appers that this device isn't really all that power-hungry. Master Wheels are compatible with DJI drones, ronin-2 and ronin-s via included wireless receiver and Freefly Movi Pro vai SBUS. Wireless video receiver system and monitor can also to attached to the console.

If you have any questions regarding the setup or would like to rent feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.

Category: Accessories for Gimbals, Camera Rig & Grips, Camera Rig for Red & Alexa Mini

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