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Along with Movi Pro Hire Freefly Mimic with Handlebar & Proper Setup

Mimic is simplified version of Movi Controller instead of dealing with joystick, knobs, wheels all the operator needs to do is tilt pan or roll the mimic and the movi will follow. Complex movements though normally require an experienced remote operator, can now be done instantly with just few minutes of practice. Offering simple solution, the mimic gives a look into the future and possibilities to frame the shots. To start need to complete a basic tuning in freefly Movi app for remote controller configurations. Field monitors such as the Small HD 702 or AC 7inch can be depends on DOP / Cinematographer requirement. Field monitor & wireless video receiver are powered by external batteries such as dyna core V-mounts.



Integrated battery with 3 to 6 hours run-time
Integrated LCD screen
Long Range Wireless
USB Connectivity
BLE Connectivity
Quick release 13mm mount
SD Card Slot
2 COM ports for expansion

For Remote or Joystick operations Freefly Movi Pro can be connected to Movi controller, MIMIC, FFS Movi Wheels and Sony PS4 Gamepad.

If you have any questions regarding the setup or would like to rent feel free to give us a call or drop us an email

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