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Rent a Freefly Movi Pro Handheld Gimbal

The Freefly MoVI Pro is a elevated version of Movi M15 Gimbal, Which is 3-axis cinema camera stabiliser suitable for larger camera payloads up to 6.80kg/15lbs.
It is one of the lightest gimbal weightwise offered from freefly systems for shooting with range of cameras like RED Dragon Scarlet-W, Red Epic-W Gemini Helium, ARRI Alexa Mini, Sony C300 and Sony FS7 MKII along-with lenses like Ultra Prime & heavier lenses Master Anamorphic, Hawk Anamorphic, Master Prime lenses, Cooke Anamorphic SF S5i cine prime lenses etc which fits perfect in any filmmaking or production set.

We also provide Freefly Mimic controller for dual-operatoration from which cinematographer can remotely control tilt, pan and roll and instruct follow movement to MoVI Pro gimbal operator via talk-back system. We can also supply crew i.e. experienced MoVI Pro operators & technicians.

Key Features:
Smooth Professional-grade Footage
Light Weight Carbon Fibre Gimbal
Integrated Power Source
Hot Swappable Intelligent Batteries
Single Or Dual-operator

Please let us know what all things from below you need in setup to be included in Gimbal Package.
Movi Pro Gimbal
Movi Pro Ring Handle
Movi Pro Batteries
Movi Pro Battery Chargers
LCD Cables for Movi Pro
Movi Classic Handle
Movi Pro Low Profile Handle
Movi Pro "Toad On A Stick"
Adjustable Top & Bottom Camera Plate
Movi Camera Plate
Movi Pro Allen Key (2mm & 2.5mm)
Movi Pro Mimic Handle
Wireless Video Transmitter
Movi Pro Quick Release 13mm Plug
Movi Pro Handlebars & Bush Pilot
Roll of Grip Tape
Movi Pro Pop-N-Lock (15mm, 25mm & 30mm)
Movi Rod Mount Adapter Kits - Different Lenghts
Ready Rig GS with Cinemilled Spindles
Movi Pro Mimic Transmitter Controller
Arri Alexa Mini Amira Power Cable
RED Dragon Weapon Power Cable
Counterweight sets
Movi Screw Kit & Accessories
Small HD Monitor

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For rental bookings or to discuss your technical requirements please contact our team .
We offer special discounts for shooting more than 30 days.

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