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We offer Remote Controlled Vehicle (RC Car) for 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizers

i.e. Freefly MoVI & Dji Ronin on Rental basis.


This Robotic Dolly System allows for an extremely dynamic low camera angle shots with entire control on all the 3-axis of Gimbal i.e. tilt, roll & pan.
With 3-axis gyro stabilizer & vibration isolation system on this 4wd all-terrain vehicle, Cinematographer/Filmmaker can establish agile smooth shot like a chase car.
This freestyle trackless dolly system is a completely new technology for camera movement, it is more suitable for filming in outdoors such as live sports broadcasting events, filming sports, TV commercials, digital films or music videos.

Please let us know what all gears will be required along with RC Car & Professional Operator i.e. Movi Pro Gimbal, DJI Ronin 2, Ready-Rig GS with Pro arms, Various Controllers for dual operation, Wireless Video Transmitter V-axis Teradeck, Feild Monitors etc
For rental bookings price or to discuss your technical requirements please contact our team.
You can also keep in touch if you need to buy/sell used Equipments.
We offer special discounts for shooting more than 30 days.

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